Links and Acknowledgements

Heinz Grunst - without whom this site would probably not exist.
Hartmut Ring - programmer of the capella music notation editor and author of CapXML. Introduced me to C#. Thanks Hartmut!
Paul Roberts - Many thanks for your help with On Being Invisible.

Copyright holders
Milein Cosman (Wikipedia article) Thank you for permission to publish this portrait!
Aygün Lausch at Universal Edition - thanks for permission to use the examples from scores set by Paul Roberts (2007) and myself (1970-71).
Suzee Stephens and Kathinka Pasveer - thanks for permission to use the Stockhausen music examples, and the photos in On Being Invisible.
Curtis Roads - thanks for permission to put an MP3 of Sonal Atoms on this site!
xeno-canto: - An enormous, and growing archive of bird song recordings. This must be the definitive site for bird song!

Software used
Visual C# 2010 Express Edition - used for programming Moritz and Krystals 4.
Visual Web Developer 2010 Express Edition - used for writing this website
Leslie Sanford’s C# MIDI Toolkit Just what Moritz needed. Thanks very, very much Leslie!
SharpZipLib - capella's .capx files are compressed CapXML. Moritz uses this library when opening and closing these files.
Cubase Essential 4 Post-production software. Host for the following virtual synthesizers.
HalionPlayer - Steinberg virtual synthesizer.
ProteusVX - E-MU virtual synthesizer.
MP3 Players - Both the “maxi” and “multi” versions of this player are used.
Audacity - Audio editor.
Chrome - my browser of choice.

Bome’s Mouse Keyboard - a small software keyboard, used until April 2009 for testing Moritz’s Assistant Performer.
Hover Snap - a great little utility for making all the screen shots used at this site.
CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth and various free, compatible sound fonts. This is a flexible replacement for the standard Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. The sound fonts will be acknowledged individually (with a link to a site where they can be downloaded) whenever they are used.
WAV MP3 Converter - used for creating mp3s from Moritz' MIDI output.
JSLint - The definitive Javascript utility...
Javascript minifier -- a utility from Google

Hardware (since May 2009)
MUSIC STORE Audio PC4 Core i7-940 Silentmaxx schwarz, 8GB RAM, 2x1TB HD - runs Windows Vista 64 Ultimate
E-MU Xboard49 MIDI keyboard

Self HTML - very good site for anyone writing a web site. Unfortunately it is only in German.
Javascript Kit - very useful for anyone learning/writing JavaScript.
The Code Project - an indispensable resource
Jeff Glatt’s MIDI site - a dream site for MIDI programmers!