Karlheinz Stockhausen and I worked closely together for about six months a year from 1974 until the end of 2000. That left me time for my own projects. The symbiosis worked well because we shared a certain idealism and passion for detail, and because Stockhausen also divided his time - between performing (on tour), composing and publishing.
I deal with the complicated reasons for him terminating our collaboration in On Being Invisible (see below).

Examples from some selected Stockhausen scores
A closer look at Bassetsu-Trio
The software I used to typeset music (until 2003)
My Freehand Xtras

Ah God! Ah God! I read your riddle!
We are to perish, even as we slaughtered him.
Tricked and betrayed!
Bring me a battle axe!
We shall see whether I’m vanquished here or vanquisher.
For to this crisis hath the evil come.
(Retrospective, Act One, Song Five)

an interview with Paul Roberts

SOAS Radio Interview (2011): featuring Robin Maconie and myself.