A Transcription of Curtis Roads’ Sonal Atoms

The audio file and score can be found here.

For the history of this transcription, and the ideas behind it, see

Developing Traditions of Music Notation and Performance on the Web

I would like to thank Curtis Roads very much for commissioning this transcription, and for letting me put an mp3 of his piece on this website.

Curtis Roads: “The visualization of Sonal Atoms by James Ingram emerged out of the Ynez research project at the Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE), University of California, Santa Barbara. The Ynez project explores advanced representations and notations for music. Among the goals of Ynez is the development of new Forms of graphic notation and visualization for electronic music.” (January 2009)

The score first appeared as a PDF file on POINT LINE CLOUD, a CD/DVD double-album published by Asphodel Ltd. The publication included other electronic music pieces by Roads, and other visualizations.

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