Writings etc.

The Notation Of Time
Spring 1985: published in Contact magazine No. 29

An open letter to musicologists
February 1999: published on my first web site

Inherited Problems and a Proposed Solution
February 2002: an update of The Notation of Time
commissioned as an YNEZ lecture (initiative Curtis Roads), and delivered at Create, Department of Music, UCSB, California

A Transcription of Curtis Roads’ Sonal Atoms
Summer 2002: commissioned by Curtis Roads

Developing Traditions of Music Notation and Performance on the Web
December 2002: includes a description of the concepts involved in the transcription of Sonal Atoms
Wedelmusic Conference, Fraunhofer Institute, Frankfurt, Germany.

On Being Invisible
April 2009: An interview with Paul Roberts about my work as Stockhausen’s copyist 1974-2000.

On Cursors
May 2018: A preface and two applications written while thinking about cursors.

On Marcel Duchamp’s Erratum Musical
January 2019: An analysis.

Tick-based Timing
April 2021: A tick is a quantum of time used in music notation and its performance.
This essay further develops the ideas first presented in

Other Texts

Perspective, Space and Time in Music Notation
Summer 2000: Symposium on Systems Research in the Arts, Baden-Baden, Germany.

Music Notation and Agents as Performers
Developing Music with Software Tools
November 2001: Contemporary Music Digital Publishing workshop, Centro Tempo Reale, Florence, Italy.
The initiative for inviting me to the workshop came from Nicola Bernadini.

The Writing of Style Libraries for Music Notation and Performance
July 2002: The Second International Conference on Music and Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh, Scotland.
This paper was accepted as a poster presentation...